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ShotLock Solo-Vault Universal Shotgun Safe

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The ShotLock Solo-Vault

The Pinnacle of Universal Shotgun Vault Design

ShotLock Solo-Vault is the first and only universal shotgun vault
Fits pump, semi-auto, side-by-side and over/under shotguns*
Will fit most pistol grip shotguns
Compact size 7.5" x 5.75" x 2.25"
14 gauge steel construction
Reversible left or right opening door
Accomodates left and right handed shotguns
Mounts on a wall or in a vehicle
1000s of programmable combinations
2-year limited warranty
Made in the USA

SHOTLOCK Solo-Vault: World's First universal shotgun vault.

The ShotLock Solo-Vault was designed as a universal shotgun mounting platform with the ability to integrate with the greater majority of pump, semi-auto, O/U, side by side and pistol grip shotguns on the market today.

There are a few shotguns that the ShotLock will not work with and some after market add-on accessories that also will not allow the ShotLock to function properly. Chances are that your shotgun will work perfectly with the SoloVault, but we have compiled a list of a few shotguns and accessories that are known to experience issues with the SoloVault and have taken the courtosy to list them below.

Shotguns that will not work with the ShotLock Solo-Vault:

CZ 12-gauge side-by-side (gun barrels at the break are too wide)
.410 shotguns mounted on the ejection port tang. Guns mounted with the trigger blocks will work.
Benelli M4 (ghost rings on tactical rail prevent securely putting this weapon in the ShotLock. The stock Benelli M2 will work however)
Browning Auto 5 (gun receiver is too small)
Older side-by-side hammer trigger guns
FNH SLP 12 gauge self-loading (Ghost rings and tactical rail)
Mossberg 930 SPX 12 gauge
Weatherby PA-459
Benelli M1 Super 90 Pisto Grip
Savage / Fox Model B side-by-side

Aftermarket products that will not work with the ShotLock Solo-Vault:
Ghost rings
Receiver mounted side saddles or lights
Certain tactical rails

The new ShotLock Solo-Vault is the only universal shotgun vault of its type available on the market today. It even goes as far as being the first in an entirely new category of product. No other safe or vault makes a pump, semi-auto, pistol grip or O/U shotgun more accessible and secure, than a ShotLock Solo-Vault.

The ShotLock Solo-Vault is the best choice for fast access to full size home defense shotguns. Homeowners can rest easy knowing that their home defense shotgun is close, secure and ready at any moment.

Does the ShotLock come with a Warranty?

ShotLock is built to the highest standards, as such it has a 2 year unconditional warranty.

Where should I mount the ShotLock Solo-Vault?

You can mount the Shotlock solo vault vertically, horizontally and even upside down. The ShotLock Solo-Vault mounts on any wall or in a home, behind a door, in a closet, or in a shop. Wherever you are comfortable with mounting the ShotLock it will secure you and your shotgun proudly.

Price:  $149.00

Shotlock Solo Vault

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Price: $149.00